First Glance at the Holy Kaabah

We are so caught in this delusionary world that we don’t understand the regard of performing such a renowned and hallowed voyage. We don’t have the foggiest idea about that Allah taa’la has favored us to be here so we need to use this lifetime opportunity in winding up nearer to Allah taa’la. An explorer should keep a few things in minds while performing Hajj or Umrah. The main thing isn’t to show fretfulness over any issue. Besides, not to be difficult rather one ought to accomplish increasingly more shukar. Also, thirdly one ought to abstain from doing sins at exactly that point this adventure will be acknowledged whether we avoid ourselves of doing these demonstrations.

Out of numerous morals of Umrah or Hajj one significant part of performing Umrah or Hajj is having a first look at the Holy Kaabah and supplicating around then. Numerous individuals are uninformed of what to look like at Kaabah just because and how to make dua at that point. Researchers have composed that when an individual takes a gander at the Kaabah just because, whatever dua he/she makes is acknowledged. Along these lines, one ought to request those things from the outset which are helpful for both this world and deen. Ask of Allah from Allah. Request the accomplishment of this world and the world from now on. Approach Allah taa’la for respect and glory of the two universes.

When somebody asked Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A), an extraordinary Islamic legal adviser, ‘what should an individual ask while taking a gander at the Kaabah at the principal look?’ He answered, ‘ask, Oh Allah! Kindly acknowledge all my duas starting now and into the foreseeable future’.

First sight is bizarre. In any event, when we take a gander at somebody just because we abstain from asking anything rather we simply continue taking a gander at that individual. In like manner, when we take a gander at Kaabah just because we should remember about that this time is a period of acknowledgment (qubooliat). Be that as it may, one ought not neglect to show regard for this sacred look. We should drop down our look until we reach Mataf (the white region around Kaabah). At that point we ought to gradually lift our eyes and take a gander at the Beloved’s House. We should make the same number of Doua Islam as we can. It tends to be found in this world that every common King regardless of how liberal they will be they will quit conceding others at one point. Their financial riches and spending plan is constrained. Be that as it may, Allah taa’la is a King who gives and gives without putting a conclusion to His liberality. For example if a stick sinks into the sea and once it leaves the water there will be not really any or no impact on the sea. Similarly, Allah’s endowments and bounties are incalculable and there will be not in any case a solitary drop like impact in His seas of gifts regardless of whether He allows the whole mankind.